domingo, 6 de noviembre de 2016

Corearte Barcelona 2016

One week on from the spectacular finale of Corearte Barcelona, with the sensational performance of Carmina Burana by Carl Orff directed by Josep Prats, and one week on from a week of concerts, workshops, friendships, fellowship, fun and visits, and all that is involved in the organisation and smooth running of a festival with more than 300 participants, we are pleased to have reached the end of yet another Corearte Festival with the success that we are known for. 

Carlos, Christian, Lorena, Marina and the entire Corearte team would like to thank the singers, musicians, directors, and companions for the confidence placed in us in deciding to participate in Corearte Barcelona 2016.

We hope to have given you some unforgettable moments to take away with you and that the experience has been as comfortable as only other our Corearte festivals in Brazil, Cordoba or Tenerife could be. 

Joamel González Soto and the Cantoria choir of concert from the University of Puerto Rico in Arecibo, a young, fresh choir with lots of energy, delighted us with their unrepeatable, technically professional renditions. 

Rubén Orellana Catalán and the children's choir, Los Niños Cantores de la Araucanía, gave us a fantastic presentation of their vocal offerings singing traditional Mapuche music with  eye-catching costumes and the freshness that only children can convey.

José Francisco Martínez, with his university choir, Coro de Cámara de la Universidad de Guanajuato, were a precise group, with a very competent presentation of their repertoire of Mexican traditional and religious music.

Guillermo Tesone and the French-Argentinian Cultural Foundation choir, Jean Mermoz, following their 10-day concert tour of France, delighted us with a finely selected repertoire and with a very professional presentation, fruit of constance and the hard work of each and every member. 

Ronald Ramírez Morán, together with the children's choir, Los Cantores de San Juan Macías are an incredible team of warm friendly people, who as a children's choir delighted us with an excellent choral presentation that was both fresh and disciplined. Companions and their support team proved themselves to be open, appreciative and collaborative with our organisation.

Lenin Vega and the choir, Coro Libetatem from Guadalajara performed for us in their new format with a very modest project that they will continue to strive to improve.

Ricard Piedrahita and a section of the choir, Coro Giovale, are already part of the Corearte Family. They are always willing, appreciative, friendly and enjoyed taking part in the workshops and concerts. 

Our guest maestros, Maria Guinand (Venezuela), David Azurza (Basque Country) and Josep Prats (Catalonia) throughout the week held masterclasses in technique and interpretation of the pieces presented at their respective workshops. 

All this hard work was fully demonstrated in the excellent concerts in Sant Pere de les Puel·les, showcasing the workshops on Latin-American music and music for children´s choirs, and culminating in the impeccable performance of Carmina Burana in the Atrium concert hall in Viladecans.

To all, thank you for your participation. We hope to have met with your high expectations and to see you again soon at future editions of our Corearte Festival.  

Carlos Sesca

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