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Workshops at Corearte Barcelona 2018

This year at Corearte Barcelona we will have the pleasure of having the presence of important maestros who will accompany us during the Festival days, working with extremely diverse and interesting repertoire.
The experience of learning new music with new friends from other countries is a unique opportunity that we hope to share with all of you.

COMMON SONG -  Requiem Mass in D minor, K 626, W. A. Mozart

Jordi Casas i Bayer – Catalonia, Spain

The common song is a space where all singers make music together. 

On this occasion, we will sing some pieces from Mozart’s Requiem (Requiem Mass in D minor, K 626). 

Participants will sing along with the Coral Cantiga of Barcelona, Studio Vocale Karlsruhe of Germany, and Orquesta Terrassa48.  

Jordi Casas i Bayer will be in charge of the artistic direction, assuring us an unforgettable closing concert for Corearte Barcelona 2018. 

Maestro Jordi Casas i Bayer is internationally recognized for his career and dedication to the field of choral music in particular, also participating in many opportunities as the director of musical ensembles and orchestras at the international level.  

He has also developed as a choral conducting teaching, teaching courses both in Spain and abroad.


Dr. Trent Brown – United States

Maestro Brown has an extensive background as a director, researcher, and professor for courses on choral literature.  In this workshop, he will share some works from some of the most resonant composers from the United States, a repertoire full of material to work on, with a lot to learn, and above all, beautiful music to sing.   

·         Best of All Possible Worlds (Candide) - Leonard Bernstein
·         Seal Lullaby - Eric Whitacre
·         Non nobis Domine - Rosephanye Powell
·         Let Everything that Hath Breath - Jeffery Ames


Víctor Alarcón - Chile

Violeta Parra and Víctor Jara are symbols of Chilean music.  They are well-known singer-songwriters, diffusers of their country’s culture who have made immense contributions to folklore by bringing Chilean popular music to the world. 

They also have served as inspiration to other artists; their works are not only moving for their artistic richness, but also for their impact on the social and revolutionary struggle. 

·         Arriba quemando el Sol  -  Violeta Parra, arr. Winston Moya
·         La Jardinera - Violeta Parra, arr. William Child
·         Run-Run se fue pal norte - Violeta Parra, arr. William Child
·         Manifiesto - Víctor Jara, arr. William Child
·         Luchín - Víctor Jara, arr. William Child


Oriol Castanyer – Catalonia, Spain

Children’s and youth choirs are spaces where not only repertoire and concerts are shared, but also some of the most diverse learning. 

Children’s voices and youth choirs have the ability to sound uniquely, and maestro Castanyer will bring us to this wonderful world with beautiful works from the universal repertoire. 

The repertoire will be determined by maestro Castanyer in the coming weeks

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