viernes, 19 de abril de 2019

Workshops Corearte Barcelona 2019

One more time! Corearte Barcelona, the more emblematic festival of Corearte International Festivals will celebrate in this occasion from 7th to 13th October its edition number XIII which no doubt will be an unforgettable choral party.

In one of the most ancient and also touristic cities of Europe and with an unequalled charming, mor than 400 voices will join to share their music with the habitants and visitors of this city that, embraced by the sea as well as by the mountain, harbour among its streets, squares, avenues and parks an endless of artistic treasures that goes from the Romanesque and Baroque churches till the masterpieces of the modern architecture, without forget the contemporary art: Dalí, Gaudí, Miró or Picasso are some of the names that make it a unique city.

And, of course, our singers won’t be alone… This year we will also count with excellent conductors that will enhance the festival with the workshops that will teach: from the Baltic countries Raul Talmar will join us to teach “Choral music of Estonia”, a workshop that, no doubt, will enrich the cultural background of the participants. Singer, conductor, pedagogue and current board member of the prestigious association Europa Cantat, who was nominated as “Conductor of the Year” by the Estonian Choral Association and has remained for decades in charge of the most well-known choirs of his country, is waiting all the singers of this edition with a delightful selection of pieces. On the other hand, the Catalan conductor and pedagogue Josep Prats, who has already join us in previous editions and has an unstoppable career that has led him to be in front of multiples choirs of the country and from over the world, will teach, honouring the host country and under the title “Our music”, masterpieces of Catalan choral music. Moreover, the younger choir singers will be able to enjoy singing and learning from the own pieces of the children's and youth's repertoire guided by Oriol Castanyer, who has been credited with multiple recognitions over his career and who not only has been in charge of different choirs where he has guided the training of a lot of singers but also has led educational musical projects of great importance. 

And if the above was not enough, in the great closing concert of the festival, after having prepared the work in a common singing workshop that Josep Prats himself, leader of large-scale coral projects like the International Workshops of Lleida, the Singing Week of Tarragona and the Cantània Program, will work another masterpiece of the peak of Baroque, Vivaldi’s Gloria, which will be heard aloud with the masterful collaboration of the Orquesta de Cámara de Terrassa 48 and of the choir Cantiga  from Barcelona.

Sea, mountain, tradition, vanguard, roots, cosmopolitan atmosphere… without a dubt, the perfect balance for our scenarios, chosen by their acoustic quality and for their cultural and architectural interest: the Park Güell, la abbey of Montserrat, the crypt of the Basilica of the Sagrada Familia, the monastery of Valldonzella, the auditorium of the University of Barcelona, the church of Santa María de Jesús de Gracia and a magnificent cultural and musical exchange are waiting for you!!!
Come and live the Corearte experience… you are still on time!

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