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This was our year 2017

In 2017, Corearte overcame all of its challenges with excellence and commitment to its singers, directors, musicians, and the audiences that attended all of our offerings.

With 4 Festivals scattered throughout Tenerife (ES), Córdoba (AR), Barcelona (ES), and Caxias do Sul (BR), we have organized more than 30 concerts on 23 stages which are unique and specially chosen for their acoustics and architectural and cultural importance, many of them World Heritage sites. 

Our invited maestros have offered 16 training workshops during the year for different groups that have visited us. 

We have received 41 choirs from 9 countries at our venues with a total of 1200 participants.

We could highlight many of the moments we experienced in the intense 2017, such as the joy and intergenerational encounter that we experienced at Puerto de la Cruz with our children’s choirs, youth choirs, and senior citizen choirs. 

The excellent concerts of Corearte Córdoba, especially the closing concert with the Teatro del Libertador General San Martín that had the 1200 seats sold out the day before.

The Misa Criolla from Ariel Ramírez with more than 200 singers and a complete Santa Maria del Pi Basilica in Barcelona or the magic of Christmas experienced in Gramado with the concert at the Iglesia de Piedra and the turning on of the lights which reminded us that 2017 was coming to an end.

Also, in the month of July we participated in Barcelona as exhibitors at the 11th World Choral Music Symposium, which allowed us to meet musicians from all over the world, make our offerings known, exchange opinions, and make new friends. 

In addition to hearing on the stages of our city excellent aesthetic – musical offerings from the choirs selected for this edition of the Symposium. 


Choirs participating in Corearte 2017

Corearte Junior and Senior – Puerto de la Cruz – Tenerife – Spain

  • Skólakór Kársness - Iceland
  • Coro Juvenil Fundación Aprender Colegio Brot Madrid – Spain
  • Coro Infantil Yaocalli UP - Mexico
  • Coro Juvenil David Goldsmith - Spain
  • Coral Reyes Bartlet - Spain
  • Coro de Adultos Reyes Bartlet
  • Coral de la Costa de Oro – Uruguay

Corearte Córdoba – Córdoba – Argentina

  • Coro de Cámara de la Provincia de Córdoba – Argentina
  • Coro Femenino Incantare - Argentina
  • Cantoría de la Merced            - Argentina
  • Vocal Calíopes - Argentina
  • Grupo Vocal Antaño - Uruguay
  • Voces de la Plaza - Uruguay
  • Grupo Femenino Zénite - Brazil
  • Coro de Niños y Jóvenes de la Universidad Nacional de San Juan - Argentina
  • Expresso 25 - Brazil
  • Coro Rapsodia            - Uruguay
  • Coral del Colegio de Escribanos de Córdoba - Argentina
  • Las Carmelas - Uruguay
  • Coro Vox Populi - Uruguay
  • Coro de la Universidad Católica de Córdoba - Argentina
  • Coro de la Facultad de Psicología UNC - Argentina
  • Coro de la Facultad de Letras UNC -   Argentina

Corearte Barcelona – Barcelona – Spain

  • Coral Cantiga - Spain
  • Coral Sinera – Spain
  • The Male Choir Gamlir Fostbraedur – Iceland
  • Seven Sharp - Denmark
  • Ensamble Coral Amateurs - Mexico
  • Ocho d'Luna - Puerto Rico
  • Coral Femnino Harmonnía - Mexico
  • Coro Polifónico Santa Elena - Uruguay
  • Voces del Origen - Uruguay
  • Grupo Coral Quantum - Uruguay
  • Coro del Liceo Nº1 de San Carlos – Uruguay

Corearte Brazil – Río Grande do Sul – Brazil

  • Meninas Cantoras de Nova Petrópolis - Brazil
  • Coro Aonikenk - Argentina
  • Coro Juvenil do Mohino - Brazil
  • Vozes de Outono - Brazil
  • Canarinhos de Carlos Barboza - Brazil
  • Coro de Tramontina - Brazil
  • Grupo Sem Contraindicaçao - Brazil
Corearte Scenarios 2017
·                         Church of the Peña de Francia – (Corearte Puerto de la Cruz)
  • Convent of Santo Domingo– La Laguna (Corearte Puerto de la Cruz)
  • The Caldera of Teide (Corearte Puerto de la Cruz)
  • Old Convent of San Sebastián de Los Silos (Corearte Puerto de la Cruz)
  • Complex Lago Martiánez - (Corearte Puerto de la Cruz)
  • Church of the Compañía de Jesús (Corearte Córdoba)
  • Garden and Cloisters of the Manzana Jesuítica (Corearte Córdoba)
  • Main Hall of the Facultad de Ciencias Exactas of the UNC (Corearte Córdoba)
  • Auditorium of the Facultad de Lenguas of the UNC (Corearte Córdoba)
  • Chapel of the Buen Pastor (Corearte Córdoba)
  • Libertador General San Martín Theatre (Corearte Córdoba)
  • Auditorium of the Universidad de Barcelona  (Corearte Barcelona)
  • Church of Sant Nicolau de Malgrat (Corearte Barcelona)
  • Crypt of the Sagrada Familia (Corearte Barcelona)
  • Abbey of the Monastery of Montserrat (Corearte Barcelona)
  • Sant Ramón de Penyafort Church (Corearte Barcelona)
  • Mare de Deu de Montserrat Church (Corearte Barcelona)
  • Basílica of Santa María del Pí (Corearte Barcelona)
  • Ordovás de Caxías do Sul Cultural Centre (Corearte Brazil)
  • Nova Petrópolis Events Center (Corearte Brazil)
  • Capuccinos de Caxias do Sul Church (Corearte Brazil)
  • Sao Pedro de Gramado Church (Corearte Brazil)
  • Pío X de Caxías do Sul Church (Corearte Brazil)
Corearte´s Workshops 2017

·         José Hijar Polo – “Tenerife´s Music” (Corearte Senior)
·         Oriol Castanyer – “Children´s choirs” (Corearte Junior)
·         Cristo Velázquez – “Children´s choirs” (Corearte Junior)
·         Elisenda Carrasco – "Women´s sing” (Corearte Córdoba)
·         María Guinand – “Choral Music of the 20th Century” (Corearte Córdoba)
·         Pablo Trindade – “Brazilian folk music”  (Corearte Córdoba)
·         Fernanda Nóvoa – " Children´s songs” (Corearte Córdoba)
·         Elisenda Carrasco – "Children´s songs” (Corearte Córdoba)
·         Santiago Ruiz – “Our Music” (Corearte Córdoba)
·         Erik Andersen – “Queen´s Music” (Corearte Barcelona)
·         Josep Prats – “Female and male choirs music”  (Corearte Barcelona)
·         Oriol Castanyer – “Children´s choirs”  (Corearte Barcelona)
·         Eva Martínez - “Youth Choirs”  (Corearte Barcelona)
·         Francisco Simaldoni – “Misa Criolla” (Corearte Barcelona)
·         Pablo Trindade – “Brazilian folk music”  (Corearte Brazil)
·         Federico Trindade – “Brazilian folk music”  (Corearte Brazil)

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